The 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Has Arrived

Honda gives you an exciting new car into the collection, the revolutionary 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid. Honda has incorporated the most recent version of Integrated Motor Assist hybrid drive train into the vehicle. In U.S, the 2012 hybrid civic has better EPA-estimated fuel economy compare to any kind of sedan. The fuel economy for city, highway, and also combined is forty four miles for each gallon.

The styling of its headlights, front grill, taillights, wheels, also mirrors have been completely evolved to present a much better sleek look to the automobile. The seats are covered with either leather or cloth and navigation system can be added into the Civic Hybrid.

The Honda Civic uses 1.5 liter V-TEC 4-cylinder engine in 2012 model plus comes with friction reducing systems as a way to have a better performance. The electric motor is more compact and capable of delivering up to 23 hp and 110 hp when combined. When speeding up, both the electric and the motor or just the engine to give power to the vehicle. Also, both engine can propel the vehicle while driving. Once the driver hit the brakes, the gasoline engine will stop functioning and be replaced by electric engine which also acts as a generator to produce power to the battery. And as soon as the driver starts to speed up, the gasoline engine will be activated to give additional power.

Standard model and optional features are available to add a lot more top quality look to the interior of Civic Hybrid. In the driver’s line of sight, the interior has the most frequently referenced info. Details such as album artwork or personal wallpaper backgrounds are shown by the new Intelligent Multi Information Display on the upper tier And also, the driver will be able to collect suggestions on how the driver drives and how it is affecting fuel consumption by the assist of Eco Guide screen on the upper tier.

In an effort to help increase driver’s awareness for fuel efficient driving, the speedometer is equipped with blue/green Eco Assist indicators. Regarding head unit, the standard of Civic Hybrid is installed with 160 watt AM/FM/CD with six audio speakers. XM Radio will be available should you incorporate the navigation system. This isn’t just an ordinary navigation system, but 6.5 inch touchscreen technology, voice recognition enabled which is connected to Honda’s own satellite navigation system. To obtain a better response time, the navigation system is made with 16 GB flash memory and also includes FM traffic. For additional safety, the driver will be able to receive calls with no difficulty because of bluetooth Hands FreeLink feature. On top of that, if you have compatible devices, it even supports video streaming.

In selecting a vehicle, safety must come first. This is exactly why The Civic Hybrid comes with plenty of safety features such as motion adaptive EPS system, brake assist, ABS with electronic brake distribution, side curtain airbags, front side airbags, and also dual stage, multiple threshold front airbags.
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