My Boyfriend Split Up With Me – What to Do

Now If you’re facing the hurt, the uncertainty and the lonesomeness of a recent breakup with your partner there are a few things you can do to win him back and some things you have to avoid at any cost. So if you’ve just said my boyfriend split up with me the tips in this article can help.

For most women who are experiencing a breakup the tendency to attempt to get in touch with your boyfriend to ‘talk some sense into him’ is almost overwhelming. It’s hard to resist, but if you would like get your ex boyfriend back you have to resist the urge to contact him.

Men aren’t known for their strength in dealing with emotions, theirs or yours. They often cut off and head for the hills. Whatever reason your partner had for calling it off with you it’s imperative that you supply him with space.

Men are likewise recognized for being ego driven. If you constantly try to hang onto him this might feed his ego but it’s unlikely to help the two of you get back together.
If he still worries about you this space will allow him time to remember the good things you’ve shared and to miss you.

It’s also important for you to live your life. Have a night out with friends and genuinely try to be happy. I know this can sound absurd but if you try you will be amazed at can feel.

The fact is no one wants to be around someone that is miserable. If you try to use your unhappiness to ‘guilt’ your partner into having you back this will not only not work but it will only make you appear needy and pathetic and make him want to run far, far away.

A little distance is good for you too. The two of you broke up for a good reason. Some space could give you the time to understand what went wrong. Spend this moment trying to raise yourself, not just to get him back but as you want to be the greatest ‘you’ that you are able to be. Now is an excellent time to honestly judge yourself and make the necessary changes.

Taking the time to find and fix yourself will make you come out stronger in spite of what happens. If both of you make up you will more than likely have a better prospect of making your relationship work and if you do not make up you will probably be a better individual and have more of an opportunity of finding a stable relationship on the next occasion.

So if you are asking the question: My boyfriend broke up with me, now what? then it’s time for you to follow the advice above. It’s the best way to get yourself and your partner back. Do yourself a huge favor and read Magic of Making Up. It is full of valuable information that can bring you and your ex back together for good.