Relationship Advice for Men

Men are always men when it comes to their fear of vulnerability which made it hard for them to open up and express their feelings. That puts men in trouble or in a state of dilemma with their relationship. With that regard, this piece of article is meant for those men who need a friendly advice on how to go on with different stages of relationship- on a date, while in a relationship, and staying in a marriage.

On a Date

Women have different expectations in dating because they have emotional, as well as physical expectations that you may wishfully think to match. Like in a battlefield, the general rule is to prepare. What are the things you have to remember?

Check from the general tips below:

  • Always look at your best.
  • Check your hygiene and styling.
  • Make an appointment to your hair stylist and have a good hair cut.
  • Be aware on the quality of your perfume or cologne.
  • Have second opinion to your girl friends if the smell has any appeal to women.
  • Again, personal hygiene is very important to women.
  • Another essential thing, remember not to be over grandiose.
  • Women do not like pretentious men, especially if it is too obvious that you are not exactly who you are based on what you would like to project on your first date.

In general, women would love to hear that you are a man who has ambition in life and sense of security. If you do not have a stable job, try to justify it to your girl. If she can feel your sincerity and that it seems you are determined to reach your ambition, it maybe a plus point.

Women do not like boring conversations. You have no excuse not to know the current news affairs, or even the latest movies. Expect that you will talk anything under the sun. Meaning to say, you are expected by your date to at least share something. Do not let yourself to sound like a dumb. Life experiences are the best thing you can share to your girl. No concocted stories please. Nevertheless, also filter your shared information because you are not bound to tell profound past experiences to your date. It takes time to know each other and do not bare it all in an instant.

Lastly, start to learn how to listen. Women are attracted to men who know how to stop talking and listen to their stories, even their senseless and childish talk.

In a Relationship

Are you in a state of relationship wherein you are beginning to look for something in your partner but you cannot figure it out? Do you no longer feel the emotional connection with her? If you are in a healthy relationship, it should not be the case. You have to reassess again what is going on with both of you. Remember that relationship is a two way street. There must be a reason why you are going through the rough patches. Both of you must know the reason why and both of you should work it out. It remains a mystery to sustain a healthy and long term relationship. As a man, you always have to take the first step to keep your girl happy. You need to grow up together. You cannot expect a perfect relationship because it is your ups and downs which will make it perfect in time and it should be coupled with love, mutual understanding, respect, faith, and acceptance.

Staying in a Marriage

Who does not want a long lasting marriage? Every husband and wife is looking forward for both of them to grow old with each other, for poorer or for richer, in sickness and in health, till death sets them apart. Nevertheless, it is a challenge to stay healthy in a marriage. It is a gnawing reality when you hear a couple breaking up and most often than not, it is their children who are left victims of broken marriage vows. For men, it is always the issue of infidelity. For women, the issue of career or less time for husband due to taking care of the children has always been the reason for separation. Nevertheless, men should be the man in the house to see to it that everything is under control in good times and in bad times.

Always make a way to improve your communication with one another. Do not stop making surprises that would make your wife love you more deeply. Be a good provider to your family, a loving husband to your wife, and a role model to your children. Always renew your commitment when trust is broken. It takes time to rebuild the trust, but when you set aside all the pain and look forward toward your future with your family intact, and then maybe you can still save the marriage.